Hi! I’m a print journalist in Massachusetts with a knack for computers and multimedia storytelling. I currently cover the suburbs west of Boston for the MetroWest Daily News.

Working in New Hampshire and Massachusetts for the past decade, I spent a lot of time prying loose government records and browbeating public servants about the right to know. I also reported on remarkable events. A few years ago, I watched a nuclear submarine burn up in a fire. I also traced nine generations of Scott Brown’s family, sent Mike Huckabee into a lather about moose chili and shed light on the U.S. Army’s secret plan to outwit the Nazis with inflatable tanks.

I’ve covered stump speeches, knocked on killers’ doors, interviewed grieving widowers and penned all kinds of animal stories. One of them led to an investigation by the New Hampshire attorney general.

Recently, I’ve been using computer programming to sift through data and public records. I’m always experimenting with new tools to keep tabs on government. One of my projects uses code enforcement violations and 311 complaints to visualize the impact of move-in week in Boston. It won two awards in the city’s first Open Data Challenge.

I also wrote a program to display Donald Trump’s tweets inside a tiny cardboard box to annoy one of my coworkers.

You can view more of my coding projects on Github. You can also read my published work, send me an email, find me on Twitter or view my resume.